410 Course Policies

The Teaching of Composition English 410 Fall 07

Dr. D. R. Ransdell

MW 3:30-4:45  Psych 305
Messages: (520) 621-1836
Office Hours: MW 2:45-3:30
Office Site: ML 370 tel. 626-3986

Required Materials:

Lindemann, Erika. A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers. 4th ed. NY: Oxford UP, 2001.

Murray, Donald. The Craft of Revision. 5th ed. Boston: Thomson, 2004.

Copies of your assignments and reports for the class

 Recommended Materials:

 Hacker, Diana. Rules for Writers. New York: Bedford, 2004. (or any standard grammar book)

Course Description: This class is designed to help you prepare for teaching writing in a variety of primary or secondary school environments. We will discuss writing pedagogy; we’ll also practice writing and responding to assignments.

Course Breakdown:

Responding to Readings—15%

Writing Assignment—25%

Responding to Assignments—30%

Constructing a Writing Unit—15%

Final Exam—15%

Responding to Readings: This is your space to interact with the material we’re reading for class. Word-process your responses and bring them to class so that you can share them with classmates.. (Hard copies, not electronic attachments.) Please provide a word count. 500 words or more= 10 points; 450= 9 pts; 400= 8 pts, etc.

Late Work:
Late responses to readings (not submitted during class on the due date) will be marked down 20% per class period late, but responses to your classmates’ assignments cannot be submitted late.