410 Readings

410 Reading List—A Few Possibilities

Journals: (choose any ’06 or ’07 issue)

English Journal

Language Arts

Teaching English in the Two-Year College

ELT Journal


Anson, Chris, et. all. Scenarios for Teaching Writing.

Atwell, Nancie. In the Middle: Writing, Reading, and Learning with Adolescents.

Bartholomae and Petrosky. Facts, Artifacts, and Counterfacts: Theory and Method for a Reading and Writing Course.

Bazerman and Russel. Landmark Essays on Writing across the Curriculum.

Belanoff and Dickson. Portfolios: Process and Product.

Coles, William E. The Plural “I”: The Teaching of Writing.

Cooper and Odell. Evaluating Writing: Describing, Measuring, Judging.

Corbett, Myers, and Tate. The Writing Teacher’s Sourcebook.

Daiker and Morenberg, ed. The Writing Teacher as Researcher: Essays in the Theory and Practice of Class-Based Research.

Elbow, Peter. Embracing Contraries.

Elbow, Peter. What Is English?

Elbow, Peter. Writing with Power.

Elbow, Peter. Writing without Teachers.

Emig, Janet. The Composing Processes of 12th Graders.

Enos, Theresa, ed. A Sourcebook for Basic Writing Teachers.

Heath, Shirley Brice. Ways with Words: Language, Life, and Work in Communities and Classrooms.

Lauer and Asher. Composition Research: Empirical Designs.

McKay, Sandra. Composing in a Second Language.

Moffett, James. Coming on Center: Essays in English Education.

Moffett, James. The Universe of Discourse.

Murray, Donald. A Writing Teacher Teaches Writing.

North, Stephen M. The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portait of an Emerging Field.

Rose, Mike. Lives on the Boundary: The Struggles and Achievements of America’s Underprepared.

Severino, Guerra, and Butler: Writing in Multicultural Settings.

Shaughnessy, Mina. Errors and Expectations: A Guide for the Teacher of Basic Writing.

Tate, Gary, ed. Teaching Composition: Twelve Bibliographic Essays.

White, Edward M. Teaching and Assessing Writing.